Organising an event?
Not sure what to expect? Follow this this link to see and hear a clip of the dancing, calling and music from a dance with one of our regular callers, Bob Adams. hall
hall You'll need a hall or marquee with at least a couple of 13amp power sockets, and ideally some form of stage to allow the caller and band a clear view of the dancers. (If you're using a marquee don't forget you will need lighting!)

The dancers will need a reasonably-sized clear floor space, preferably flat, non-slip and not carpeted.
We would normally run a dance for 4hours, taking a 30min break midway through to allow caller, band and dancers time for some refreshment and a breather.
When making your arrangements with the venue you will need to allow at least 45mins for us to set-up (longer if possible) and a good 30mins to clear away at the end.
There are no expectations
Just join in and enjoy yourselves.