Organising an event?
Not sure what to expect? We choose our dances to suit all abilities and ages. Follow this link to Nikki and David's Wedding Reception to see us working with one of our regular callers, Malcolm North, where he takes beginners all the way through one of the more complex dances, from start to finish. hall
hall You'll need a hall or marquee with at least a couple of 13amp power sockets, and ideally some form of stage to allow the caller and band a clear view of the dancers. (If you're using a marquee don't forget you will need lighting!)

The dancers will need a reasonably-sized clear floor space, preferably flat, non-slip and not carpeted.
We would normally run a dance for 4hours, taking a 30min break midway through to allow caller, band and dancers time for some refreshment and a breather.
When making your arrangements with the venue you will need to allow at least 45mins for us to set-up (longer if possible) and a good 30mins to clear away at the end.
There are no expectations
Just join in and enjoy yourselves.